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99 discount nba jerseys predictions for the inevitable Vinatieri, cheap football jerseys despite being known for authentic jerseys China his clutch kicks and having over a 95% success rate in field goals under 30 missed wide to the right. Vinatieri missed an earlier 42 try at the end of the half, going 0 2 in the game. It was the first time since 2001 Vinatieri was 0 2 kicking field goals. The people in this thread acting as apologists for "the truth", and claiming you can know that Russia was not lying, and wholesale jerseys whining about how "if you don agree automatically Russia supporting chemical weapons use on civilians than you must be on putins pay roll right?", are blissfully not acknowledging the track record of Russian misinformation that we HAVE been able to prove, and that Russia operates inside its own media circle designed to fit Putin and his oligarch buddies agenda.

Why should we all of the sudden believe them? What evidence is there to say that they are even capable of telling the truth? Even if they were, why were they so defensive over chemical weapons use framing Assad in the first place? Could it possibly be, that Assad, supplied by Russia, is continuing to develop a track record of human rights abuses, that HAVE been proven and are very obvious to the global community that doesn have a state propaganda govt?.

There no ground to defend Russia over this in my opinion, they proven their interests in Syria and have proven themselves to be distorters of truth for personal, nationalistic interests..